100 KG Fresh Vegetables & Rice Prepared By Village Women - Tasty Mixed Vegetables Rice Cooking

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Big Fish Cooking | 33 KG, 11 Pieces Pangasius Fish Prepared To Feed Kids & Villagers

Big arrangement for my villagers. 33 KG Big big size Pangasius Fish cut & cooking by my village women. Amazing panags fish curry cooking & feed to 100+ kids & villagers. 11 women cut 11 pieces pangas fish to small small pieces then cooked fish curry by helping each others.

Transformation Of Wheat Flour & Sugar - Amazing Way of Making Huge Traditional Sweet Item For Kids

Incredible transformation of Sugar & Wheat Flour to traditional Bengali sweet Soan Pabdi/Soan Papri. We have arrange huge amount of sweet food for the village kids & villagers. Lots of village never seen how to make traditional sweet soan pabdi. In Bengali this swwet food called "Son Papri" and very popular food item as street food of village. This is look very simple way to made but very much hard work needed to prepared this sweet item. We have hired 4 expert peoples to make it in my village are in very beautiful natural environment. They first prepared the wheat flour using some butter/dalda and then prepared sugar using just water. And at last this part is very complex and very hard to prepared. This hot sugar need to mix up with wheat flour and pulled it to make the sugar bigger. Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much to watch our videos.

Village Food / Cooking 5kg Shell Macaroni Pasta in my Village by Grandma

Village Food Cooking 5kg Shell Macaroni Pasta in my Village by Grandma

Seafood Boodle Fight | Eating Filipino Food | Mukbang | Cooking Scallops

In this video, John and his mommy and daddy eat Filipino food, a seafood boodle fight, a Filipino Food Mukbang. Mommy shows how to cook scallops. John is four years nine months old in this video. We can also be reached at: Wonder WonderMother on Facebook Thanks for watching!

Huge Traditional Food Arrangement For Ramadan Iftar - Ramadan Evening Snacks Prepared For Villagers

Huge Traditional food item of Ramadan Iftar prepared by village women for whole village peoples. They prepared Brinjal Fry - Onions Fry - Gram lentils - milk Vermicelli - date fruits - Watermelon - Apple - Parched rice etc were served to full village peoples and kids. As we promised we have arrange huge food for villagers and all the women were work together to prepared the food for villagers. This full food arrangement cost funding by AroundMeBD channel only as charity work to village peoples. Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos. You can like our facebook page www.facebook.com/AroundMeBD to see some unseen picture of daily event.

Big Food Arrangement by village women. About 100 KG Fresh Winter vegetables & 25 KG country rice mixed vegetables prepared/cooking by village women & serve to more than 250+ children and villagers.

The boys arrange 22 KG cabbage 10 KG Cauliflower 10 KG Pumpkin 20 KG Potato 5 KG Brinjal 2 KG Pea Seed 3 KG Carrots 5 KG Beans(Chim) 10 KG bottle gourd 2 KG Onion Follower 10 KG Pulses & Some more vegetables with 25 KG of rice.

First about 15 women cut all the vegetables into small small pieces and then with help of one men women cooked vegetables curry with all types local mashala.

Then they fried the Mung Bean & Black Gram Pulses and then start preparing vegtables hodgepodge using all vegetables pulses & mshala.

After finish cooking they serve the food to villagers & village children.

Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos.

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