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Spinach Fry Fresh spinach Bengali style stir cooking food kolkata

Spinach Fry - a very popular Bengali dish very easy to make and very tasty,the following ingredient are need to make this dish. some fresh spinach,garlic,onion,pure ghee or vegetable oil,salt and tiny amount of mix curry powder,holdi powder,coriander powder. My YouTube channels: Indian cooking : What to sell on eBay: Personal Channel: My eBay stores: Buy sell second hand: arombo: amazon affiliated link: plus net using for last 14 years: Indian spice set: Curry spice set: Spice refill pack: Curry spice: Bolt curry powder: Patak paste: Bay leaf spice: Cinnamon stick: Cardamom pods: Indian spice tin: Chef spoon: Karahi dish: Indian spice box: Authentic Indian Food Book: Indian cook books: Indian cooking books:

Sammic Vegetable Preparation Machine CA-401

New Sammic large capacity Food Processor - Vegetable Preparation Machine CA-401 Nueva cortadora de hortalizas Sammic de gran capacidad CA-401

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