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IZONE Position Guess (Produce 48)

Hi guys! I'm back with another video. Produce 48 just finished and just like before, I wanted to create a guess on what their positions would be when they debut. To be honest, the final ranking shocked me because a lot of the final members who were not able or who barely makes it to top 12 came up. Nevertheless, I'm still happy because a lot of them are really skilled. I just hoped that they had more Japanese members than three. Stan them y'all. They go through a lot of ups and downs especially this seasons because the results were really unexpected. Congratulations to the 12 trainees that are going to debut and I wish y'all the best! FINAL RANKING: Center: Starship Jang Wonyoung 2nd: HKT48 Miyawaki Sakura 3rd: Stone Music Ent. Jo Yuri 4th: Yuehua Choi Yena 5th: Starship Ahn Yujin 6th: HKT48 Yabuki Nako 7th: Woolim Kwon Eunbi 8th: 8D Creative Kang Hyewon 9th: AKB48 Honda Hitomi 10th: Woolim Kim Chaewon 11th: Urban Works Kim Minjoo 12th: WM Lee Chaeyeon Maybe you're disappointed with the ranking, maybe you're not but if you can, please always remember the 4 months that these girls worked hard to go through each day and if you also can, please stan them! They deserve all the love they can get! --- Produce 48 (Hangul: 프로듀스 48) was a 2018 competition television show on Mnet. It was a large-scale project in which the public "produces" a girl group by voting for members out of a pool of 96 contestants from South Korea and Japan, as well as voting for the group's concept, name and debut single. The show was a collaboration between the Mnet series Produce 101 and the J-pop idol group AKB48. The winning 12 contestants, with no nationality caps, as voted only by Korean viewers, would promote as a group for two and a half years.[1] The program itself is primarily in Korean, with all members getting instant interpretation feeds via earpieces. The show announced the final 12 members who will debut, as well as the official group name IZ*ONE during the finale on August 31, 2018. -- No Copryright infringement intended. All rights reserved to MNET and other sources. None of these are owned by me, only the editing.

[ENG sub] PRODUCE48 [단독/5회] ′웃음 지뢰 짤 대방출′ 반전의 뷰티 클래스 180713 EP.5

[단독/5회] ′웃음 지뢰 짤 대방출′ 반전의 뷰티 클래스 [#5] ’爆笑シーン大放出’予想外のビューティークラス 2018년, 당신의 소녀에게 투표하라! 국민 프로듀서님! 잘 부탁드립니다! 매주 금요일 밤 11시 본/방/사/수 ご視聴はスカパー!、Mnet Japan、Mnet Smartでお楽しみください。 프로듀스48 (PRODUCE48) Every Fri. 11pm (KST) - 프로듀스48 (PRODUCE48) 최신 클립 다시보기 : http://www.tving.com/smr/vod/player/P/C01_B120188419?from=youtube

[프듀]위기의 그녀, 타카하시 쥬리의 프듀 도전기-17화 마지막편

Original Video Source : MNet https://www.youtube.com/user/PlayMnet

IZONE Jo Yuri Evolution (Idol School to Produce 48) 아이즈원 조유리 파트모음

Yes, Yuri finally debuted!! I'm so shock and excited ㅜㅜ Please support her!!! LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE ! ! Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiniIamclover I DO NOT own anything. All rights reserved to owners. Please DO NOT REUPLOAD or EDIT any of my video

YBY 시로마 미루 프로듀스48 압도적 경연의 여왕

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