Hyrule Warriors (Switch): Great Sea Map B12 - Obtaining Agitha's Luna Parasol

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"Get to those troops before the others do!"

'A' Rank Reward: Agitha's Luna Parasol
School of Joy: Heart Container for Agitha
Skulltula #1: North of Dragon Roost keep near the mailbox
Skulltula #2: In the cave near the Owl Statue in the southwest corner of the map.

Start by taking the School of Joy to increase ALlied presence on the map as well as to get the Heart Container for Agitha. Afterward, you should start making your way to the northern part of the map to head off the Rogue Forces trying to force Allied Forces to join them. Along the way, feel free to take the Owl Statue you see to make it easier to navigate the map. As long as you're taking out the Big Poes before the Rogue Forces do, you should be fine.

While you're preventing Rogue Forces from stealing allies, keep a lookout for the Magic Thief heading to you and take it out before it has a chance to hit you.

At this point, head to the south entrance of the Rogue Base to take out the last Rogue captain to open the Rogue Base, then defeat Volga to win!

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